HSL- Another colorful box


Maybe you could help me here.

I have to make an interactive HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) Box in Processing.
On top of the window, there should be a 500px wide and 50px tall color strip that will determine the hue of the gradient based on my cursor position. Below it is a 500 x 500 gradient showing the different saturation and brightness values for that hue. On top is the brightest and gets darker as you go down, while the leftmost is the most saturated and gets less saturated towards the right.

It should look like this: link.


the idea is that you try it first.

Show your attempt and your code, the path for the solution you came up with and then asked details about where you are stuck

Same for your other question

I’m so sorry but I could really use some help. I’m not familiar with Processing, although I can do it using CSS.

Please read the reference for lerpColor

Play with the examples you find there

it’s on the Website

okay, I’ll read it then try to start to code on something.