How would you do this?

New to processing as I’ve just started it in uni and there’s a question I don’t really know how to do after doing the 8x8 grid in blue. Here is the question (Imgur: The magic of the Internet) thank you for any help.

It’s about nested for loops

So one for loop inside another

This means, the inner draws a row (its cells) and the outer repeats this for each row (the rows)

Show your attempt please

Ah, you mean after the blue grid, ok

After the blue grid we got a chess board

Distinguish between two types of squares:

Sum of row number plus column number is divisible by 2

if((x+y ) % 2 == 0 ) { // adjust names x and y to your liking 
else {

Then proceed with the two different types of cells

each has a for loop (not nested)

Remark for the 4 rects

Look at rectMode(CENTER); might help for the rects

Show your attempt