How transform a value into a html element in p5?

Hi! I’m trying to make a single web page with p5.js, but at some moment I create an input and the value of the input I want to transform into a html tag (more specifically ‘h3’). I already tried the “.html()” as this example: [examples | p5.js], but for some reason this doesn’t work in my context. I’ll let my code below:

let inputName, bttName, yourName;

function setup() {
let inputDiv = createDiv();"input-section");

  inputName = createInput();

  bttName = createButton('enter');


function sendName() {
  let userName = inputName.value();

I need this in as a variable, because after I’ll format it inside a div in css. Is there another way to transform this value?


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Doesn’t work too. :slightly_frowning_face:

function sendName() {
  let userName = inputName.value();
  yourName.createElement('h3', userName);


TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘createElement’)

I really don’t understand why both get errors, if even I used before at the same code…

If you get that error it means you’re probably using a var which still doesn’t have a value assigned to it.

Besides, createElement() is a method from class p5, which represents the sketch itself.

So you just invoke it directly just like you did w/ createDiv(), createInput() & createButton().

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I get it!!! Thankssss