How to update my sketch each time when sketch is complete run

i am taking data from my server and database. and each time i update my database manually but my sketch data is not update and its running previous data in loop.
i want that if i change or update database then my sketch data is automatic update when sketch is complete run .
i want use redraw(); but i don’t know how to use it and where is use it.

Hey. Can you post some code so we can see where the problem is?
To redraw(): It only sets a “flag” that the sketch has to be redrawn. It is not redrawn immediatly.
Where do you call it?

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in the draw() function at last

Calling redraw in draw can lead to problems. Maybe this could be one error

so tell me where should i call it?

Can you post some code so I can look?

You could try to move everything but the connection to the database inside draw. From there you can update the scetch and dont have to call redraw

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