How to slow down audio with minim?

Hi, I’m using a song and I want it to slow down but continue playing slower from the same point when clicked when I click on an alcohol bottle (which will imply that the character is drunk) Any help?

did you check on the MINIM examples?
/Synthesis / tickRateExample
/Synthesis / flangerExample

both might be usable

It sounds like TickRate is the kind of “slow down” that you want.

The TickRate UGen can be used to control the generation rate of the UGen that is patched to it. It is equivalent to slowing down or speeding up a record player. With a rate of 1, the patched UGen will come through normally, but 0.5 will half as fast and sound an octave lower, whereas 2 will be twice as fast and sound an octave higher.

As @kll suggested, here is the example:

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Can this work for samples? While this works with filePlayer and looping I’m not understanding how to patch it in with loadSample and Trigger.