How to set canvas size to 100% of a container div?

Hi everyone!

How could I go about setting my canvas size to be 100% width and height of its container div, so that I could position and scale the sketch via the div with CSS and have it react to window size adjustment? I’m trying to avoid hardcoding pixel values as much as possible.

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Responsive resizing is still too complex to me, so I can’t help out much. :confounded:

But just to get you started, I’ve got this little windowResized() excerpt based on getComputedStyle():

function windowResized() {
  const css = getComputedStyle(canvas.parentElement),
        marginWidth  = round( float(css.marginLeft) + float(css.marginRight)  ),
        marginHeight = round( float(css.marginTop)  + float(css.marginBottom) ),
        w = windowWidth - marginWidth, h = windowHeight - marginHeight;

  resizeCanvas(w, h, true);

Thanks very much! This looks promising, I’ll give it a go tomorrow and report back!

I’ve now managed to get the canvas size to react to its parent div container size using document.getElementById("divName").offsetWidth and offsetHeight but I haven’t managed to work out why it is not sharing its position so far. Here’s a simplified version of my app.


var sketchWidth;
var sketchHeight;

function setup() {
  sketchWidth = document.getElementById("square").offsetWidth;
  sketchHeight = document.getElementById("square").offsetHeight;
  createCanvas(sketchWidth, sketchHeight);

function draw() {

function windowResized() {
  sketchWidth = document.getElementById("square").offsetWidth;
  sketchHeight = document.getElementById("square").offsetHeight;
  resizeCanvas(sketchWidth, sketchHeight);


    <div id="squareContainer">
      <div id="square">
        <script src="libraries/p5.min.js"></script>
        <script src="square.js"></script>

    body {
      background-color: black;

    #squareContainer {
      display: flex;
      width: 50%;
      height: 50%;
      margin: 0 auto;
      background-color: white;

    #square {
      box-sizing: border-box;
      width: 80%;
      height: 80%;
      margin: auto;
      background-color: red;

And here is a screenshot of what I’m currently rendering. As you can see, the blue square (my p5.js code) has the same dimensions as the red square (the div) but I would like it to also be overlapping at the same position.

Sorry if I am straying too far into a CSS question rather than a p5.js question at this point, let me know if I should try to ask on another forum! Thanks very much for any help.


Found the solution thanks to Rabbit76 on stackoverflow!

In function setup(), replace:

createCanvas(sketchWidth, sketchHeight);


  let renderer = createCanvas(sketchWidth, sketchHeight);

Where “square” was the name of the parent div - check my HTML for reference.
Hope this helps someone in my situation in future!

Helpful links for further info (I can only link one because I’m new here):
p5js /reference/#/p5.Renderer
p5js /reference/#/p5.Element/parent

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Sorry for late response, is there a way to get pixel colors from the div HTML element?
I found out that if you resize canvas the function get or pixels doesn’t work. Perhaps is the same here?