How to remove this color bar from color wheel? (Controlp5)

Remove the rectangle displaying the color underneath the color wheel. Anyone know how to do this?


Stop drawing it?

Draw over it?

Without seeing the code that drew it, we are at a complete loss.


Hi, jus have it

Looks like that is hard-coded into the ColorWheel view.

You could fork the library, or you could try to draw on top of it as suggested above – or you could create your own separate render method for it and call that instead (set it not visible, then pass it to your custom render method).


tried that already, with a

  • rect from draw
  • a CP5 textfield and textlabel

did all loose against the “focused” colorwheel


An example of how to customize your own controller copied from the ColorWheel code (e.g. ColorWheel2) is in this cp5 example:


Unfortunately you cannot simply override the existing display method because it is in a private inner class.

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