How to name a save?

Hi !, I’m a french student (excuse my english), and I have a problem… :sob:

I make a game levels creator and I want to give a name at the save, I know how to save but I don’t know how a can give a name at them.

I will want to create a folder named “level” and in that folder, put the different level who I have maked.

the command who I current use is " saveStrings( “level/level_1.txt”, board")"…
[board is the name of the board with all my level’s informations. ]

So, I need help for give different name to every saves :sweat_smile:

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Try this:

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Thanks, it was exactly what I search…

But this program create a PDF… Do you know how to do the same thing with a .txt ?


Look at the example here:

And apply to your code.
I would start with something simpler.
Look up all the references related to the other post to understand what it is doing.


Additional references:
Reference / Also look at related ones.
Reference /
Reference /
Characters Strings / Examples /

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Thank you so much for your help :wink:

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