How to make curveTightness() setting affect curvePoint() / get the points of a curve affected by curveTightness()?

There’s the curveTightness() function which sets how a curve drawn using either curve() or curveVertex() is rendered, but it does not seem to affect the points returned by curvePoint(), which are always points of a curve rendered with curveTightness() set to the default value. For my sketch I’d really need the points of a curve that’s rendering is affected by curveTightness(), but this means I can’t use curvePoint() in this case. Anybody sees a way around this?

(For the record: I’m using p5js, but this issue persists both in Processing and p5js.)

Well, since this is not already included in the Core Code, how about you try to write your own function for it. You can just take a look at the Code in github and find the respective functions curveTightness and curvePoint. And then just add the functionality of curveTightness to your own curvePoint method and call that one.

But maybe someone knows of a better way :sweat_smile: