How to fix this ControlEvent issue

I am using Processing IDE with Java language.

There are serial port writings for lighting some LEDs and my aim was;
send the c (Color) from cp (colorpicker) to the corresponding LEDs. Since I have too many LED areas, I used a for loop instead of writing too many functions like void AREA1 etc. So the port writing part of my code is:

public void controlEvent1(ControlEvent c) {    
  if (c.isFrom(cp)) {
    r = int(c.getArrayValue(0));
    g = int(c.getArrayValue(1));
    b = int(c.getArrayValue(2));

public void controlEvent2(CallbackEvent event) {
  String s1 = "abcdt";
  if (event.getAction() == ControlP5.ACTION_CLICK) {
      final String controlName = event.getController().getName(); 
      Ring Areas
      //Ring1 Areas
       for (int i = 0; i < s1.length(); i++) {
          if (controlName.equals("Ring1AREA" + str(i +1))){
              println("RING1AREA" + (i+1) + " is Pressed");
              if (port != null) port.write(s1.charAt(i) + "\n");}}                              


  • controlEvent1 is working fine alone.
  • controlEvent2 is working fine always.

My problem is, whenever I enable both the controlEvents together, the controlEvent1 is not working. I mean, it works only when I delete the controlEvent2 part and I could not figure how to fix it.

I thought the reason could be about using a mouseclick condition in the colorpicker, so in the controlevent1; and then using ACTION_CLICK on the controlevent2. Would they conflict in this case? :

void mousePressed() {

  if( mouseX > 40 && mouseX <240 && mouseY>360 && mouseY<560){
  if(port == null){
    println("no serial, ignoring");

  String sendColor = nf(r_, 3) + "," + nf(g_, 3) + "," + nf(b_, 3) + '\n';
  println("sending to Arduino:", sendColor);
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Hi @seym, I think your problem is not related to the serial and Arduino. What if you save your sketch as a different name, remove everything related to serial, just leave the print statements “sending…”. You still have the problem? That would be good to know, and you might want to repost in a different section of the forum.