How to disable text area in G4P

Hi, hope you doing all well, is there a way to disable text area in G4P ? i mean i want to add a help interface with small instructions on it and the user can’t of course modify the content of the help page, but i did n t find how to disable the text area modification for content, only solution i m using is to override user inputs.
any help or suggestions? and thanks !

When disabling the textarea control it does not differentiate between keyboard and mouse input therefore the textarea is fully disabled or fully enabled.

So your current work-round is the only solution to your problem.

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My mistake I believe there is away to do this

// textarea is the variable name for a GTextArea control

This will prevent the text being edited but still allow the scrollbars to function.

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thanks ! awesome, is there a way to modify color of the text ? was checking the library for either GtextField or Gtextarea but didn’t see a set Color method.

It is possible to change some colours to find out more I have a 2 part guide on my website, see below.

Color Schemes part 1 and part 2

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thank you ! it worked.