How to define custom planes in processing?

I’m trying to recreate a kind of sphereical-planet like world, and when making the sky, I have to define sky and ground planes to change the sky and world colors. Using a PShape to represent the sky works, but it looks like a huge rectangle and doesn’t really look like a sky. How would I go about making a sky plane?


Are you working in 3D or in 2D?
Since the rendering process is quite different it will help to answer your question.

Also can you provide a screenshot of what you have for now? Are we seeing the planet from outside or we are on the ground?

Hi, sorry for taking so long to reply. I’m working in P3D and you are seeing the world from the ground.

Ok, if P3D supports transparent pngs as texture planes, you could render individual planes with a cloud texture above the ground but it might be weird with transparency…

For a more complex setup, you might want to look at OpenGL and custom shaders like:

Ok, thanks a lot for the suggestions, I’ll check it out

Yeah, P3D does support transparent pngs for PShape textures. The solution I have so far is to load a clouds texture and render it a bunch of times in the sky. However, I can’t change the sky color, which changes the cloud color. For example, during a day-night transition, I have no way of making the clouds fade away and also no way of making the clouds/sky be a different color than the rest of the world’s background.