How to create the code of the following video effect?

Hello there! I was searching through the internet to find anything useful regarding to one of my school projects.

I want to create something like this:

The problem is, I don’t really know where to start.
I know i maybe should use green-screen for this ‘installation’. I would use the webcam of my laptop as the source of the video, so I already downloaded the related libraries (hopefully).
But besides these, i don’t really have any clue about how to start it :confused:

I’m kind of new to processing, so sorry for being newbie, but I really want to do this project.

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I remember there was a thread about just what you want to do! Let me dig it up and I’ll paste it here =)

There you go: Framerate in live video delay project : Ed Tannenbaum, Recollections

Hope it helps

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