How to create an application that takes a picture and starts a video

Good morning I am a university student. For a university project I wanted to implement an application that has a basic function. The application starts with a button, which can be the logo of the project. When pressed, the button must start two functions. The first is a photo with the front camera, which goes to save the image in a hidden folder. The subject who presses this button does not have to know about photography. The other command that plays the button, after the photo is to start a video, which I do not know yet the duration. It all ends with a web link where these “hidden photos” will be uploaded. Thank you for your availability.

What is your question, exactly? What have you already tried, and where are you stuck?

Surely you are not saying “please do my homework for me” – so please let the forum know what the current state of your project is and what specific questions you have.

You may want to break this down: start by creating a sketch with a button, or a sketch that takes a picture, or a sketch that starts a video, before combining them. As a first step, if you haven’t looked at examples already, you may want to check the Examples in Processing and the Tutorials and Examples to see sketches that demonstrate buttons, videos, et cetera.

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This may be tricky. Are they being uploaded to remote storage (a hard drive), or to a live website for public display? The more details you can provide about exactly what you are trying to achieve for this part the better. You could mount a network drive and just save files to it, or save to a locally synced folder for e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, et cetera. Or you could use a Data / IO library – network, sftp, or even websockets.