How to check if a file is exist in data folder by code?

I have to check if a file is exist in data folder while the code is running. How to achieve that function?

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File f = dataFile("DoIExist.txt");
String filePath = f.getPath();
boolean exist = f.isFile();
println(filePath, exist);

It works in java mode. Thanks!! By the way, could you please tell me how to achieve that in python mode if possible?

Or is there any function to get current processing data folder’s path?

You can do that in python like this:

import os

def setup():
    print('someFile.txt' in os.listdir('.'))

‘.’ indicates your current path, and ‘..’ goes back one folder up. If you’re storing files in data folder, then you need to check inside 'data/' instead of ‘.’

Oh and make sure you post your questions in the appropriate forum.

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f = this.dataFile('DoIExist.txt')
filePath, exist = f.path, f.isFile()
print filePath, exist

Yes! Just pass an empty string "" to dataPath():

dataFolderPath = this.dataPath('') + '/'
print dataFolderPath

… or to dataFile():

dir = this.dataFile('')
dataFolderPath = dir.path + '/'
print dataFolderPath

However, if you need all files within the sketch’s “data/” folder, like all images for example, you can use listPaths(), passing the “data/” folder path + a string w/ all desired “extensions=,”: :sunglasses:

PICS_EXTS = 'extensions=,png,jpg,jpeg,gif,tif,tiff,tga,bmp,wbmp'

dir = this.dataFile('')
imagePaths, imagesFound = (), 0

if dir.isDirectory():
    imagePaths = this.listPaths(dir.path, PICS_EXTS)
    imagesFound = len(imagePaths)

print 'Found %d image(s)' % imagesFound