How to add to an ArrayList every x seconds?

void setup(){
jellies = new ArrayList();
for(int i=0; i<=5; i++){
jellies.add(new Jellyfish(random(0, 800), random(height), random(-40, 40), random(0.05, 0.35)));

for(int i = jellies.size()-1; i>=0; i–){
Jellyfish jellyfish = jellies.get(i);


jellies.add(new Jellyfish(random(0, 800), 850, random(-40, 40), random(0.05, 0.35)));

The above is just part of the code. I would like to display a new jellyfish coming from the bottom of the screen every 5 seconds. At first it works but after a while they start popping in the middle of the screen and stop completely.



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Get a basic timer working first and then use that to add to the ArrayList.