How far can p5js projects be pushed with imported images?

Hello Coders, Artists, and Educators,

I am a high school teacher in California and I am about to convert my class to remote because of the virus spread. We have worked exclusively with Processing in the classroom but I can see the great advantages of using p5js through the Open Processing platform for my students at home.

But, my students love to import lots of their own customized images into their projects. You can see what I mean here:

We are simple programmers with heavy image based projects. Can p5js projects created on Open Processing handle these types of projects? What are the pitfalls?

(Also, does anyone have a simple cheat sheet that translates Processing commands that are different in p5js?)

Thanks for your help!


You might be interested in this:

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Is there any optimization reason to load images in “preload” rather than “setup”?

Honestly, other forum regulars like @GoToLoop understands preload much better than I do. I’ve spent more time with Java, python, and R modes than with p5.js.

The main difference (as I understand it) is asynchronous – preload is “blocking” so it waits, ensuring all is fully loaded, but then setup starts the loading process and dives right into draw.

I think there is a detailed explanation on this forum he posted or linked to – if he doesn’t chime in, it might be in here:

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