How does one transfer the data in a String over the network to anther instance of the program


I’m writing a queue manager for a school project, and thought it would be cool if the names in the queue show up for everyone who’s running the program. I’ve tried a UDP server, but I couldn’t get that to work over my network (I’m not sure if this affects it, but my PC was on Ethernet and my laptop was on WiFi. Same network though).

Anyone know of a good way to do this? Thanks in advance!

Here is a link to my code: Link

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I am aware of these resources:

And there are examples that come with Processing:

There is also UDP and Websockets in the libraries with Processing:


Thanks! I’ll look into those and see how it goes

There is also:

And a discussion of getting data from the web here:

Have fun!


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Thanks so much! Indeed, I shall have fun!

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