How do I use a method from a Processing project in other Processing projects?

I have written a method in a processing projects and I’m going to use it in other unrelated projects. Is there a way to use the method without having to copy it every time?

Hi @Random_Ghost,

Guess everything is said about, but here a list of some suggestions … (from easy to hard) :slight_smile:

  • copy your function by text
  • create a file ie mystuff.pde with your functions and copy the file to every sketchfolder you want.
  • create a jar with your functions and drag&drop it to PDE for every sketch you want it to be in
  • create a contributed library which you can put in your sketchbook library folder and add via menu add library from PDE
  • create a menu extension library which you can use via PDE tools menu (ie. Add my function)
  • clone the github processing locally, add your function to the ie core functionality and build your own PDE

— mnse