How do I move ball shape from corner to corner?

Hi, I need to make a program in processing where a ball moves from each corner of the screen to the other. I keep getting stuck at the 3rd corner.
Another option for my assignment is making a ball grow bigger as it moves from one corner to another. I’m in a very tight time crunch so an answer asap would be very appreciated! :))

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Show me your code please

I’m sorry, I lost it. I’m not sure how but I think when my little brother got ahold of my computer. Currently trying to redo it but I can’t remember where I left off.

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  • You have a ball position

  • You add the ball speed to it to make it move

  • Make a counter for the corners and increment it when you reach a corner

Depending upon the counter set the speed



Control ball moving and direction

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here is an example

  • in addition to my post above

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// GLOBAL VARIABLES

int ballX;
int ballY;

int ballXadd=3; 
int ballYadd=3; 

color bkCol; 

void setup() { ///////////////// SET-UP STARTS

  size(300, 300);

  ballX= 0;
  ballY= 0;

  bkCol= 255;
} ///// SET-UP CLOSE

void draw() { ////// DRAW LOOP START

  background (bkCol);

  fill(255, 0, 0); 
  ellipse(ballX, ballY, 6, 6);


  if (dist(ballX, ballY, width, height) < 12) {

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