How do I create a circle appears and floats circles but doesnt move out of the frame? something like the example below


I would create a class for the circles.
This class stores the color, position and size of the circles.
I would do the movement with the noise(int,int) function though I strongly recommend scaling the inputs down (the first will get the current frame and the second some integer).
An easy way of keeping the number of circles constant would be to create a new circle object once the original one reached the end of its life.

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Doesn’t move out of the frame … So when it’s reach the frame what then ?? Bounce back or disappear etc or what ??



So i have this now…. Im going use one colour only and then When the bottom part of the screen is pressed, i want those green circles to drop at the bottom and disappear.

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do you have an example, im actually quite confused with how to use class :frowning:

Hi idea about bouncing

Hi @andreasarmiento,

This might help :wink: