How can I replace the connector in Android Board?

I recently purchased an aftermarket/no brand Android cell phone from China. So far there are no regrets and it has worked out nice. However like all things that are not brand name there are always trade offs and less attention to detail. This perhaps is one of them. The headphone jack is too deep, I think this was a problem with the more rounded over shell of the first iphone. I fixed this with a deeper adapter to plug into my headphones. However the other one on the same lines is the USB. Other than that they screwed up there is no advantage to this, but the micro USB port sits in a few milimeters deeper than standard. This cable shown shows a rather oddly oversized (in length) micro USB connector or BNC Connector. Where can I source this cable? I can’t find anywhere online that sells a longer length connector head. But I thought I would give it a go here. Thanks guys!