How can I read this json file?

sppo works right but, spid doesn’t
I think they have same structure so, I can’t understand.
Here is the structure of spid

function setup() {
  createCanvas(300, 300);
  sppo = loadJSON("../jsons/spposition.json");
  spid = loadJSON("");

function draw() {

Are you seeing any errors in the console in your browser?

loadJSON is asynchronous, meaning it may not have finished when draw is called. The documentation for loadJSON shows how to handle that using a callback function or by fetching the JSON file inside the preload function.

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I didn’t think about checking the console because it was my first time programming.
There are many messages.

  • on atom-live-server sppo works and spid doesn’t. But, on github io both don’t work.

Thanks, now I use preload function but it still doesn’t work :frowning: