How can I put a program into a pp presentation?

Please answer my question, or ask for more details if you think you can help.

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You might be able to do it if you make your processing sketch a webpage. Here’s how to add a webpage to a presentation. OpenProcessing would be an easy way to host a processing sketch online.

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This is interesting, since I use Processing to make eye-catching charts.
Do these pp files work with any powerpoint, or just with the one computer where you’ve installed the add-on?

Ok, thanks for your help

Honestly I have no idea I’ve never added a webpage to a pp. I just saw my teacher do it once.

Me neither! But this thread about embedding JS in some wallpaper engine can shed some light about it: :sun_with_face:


I was able to embed openprocessing sketches – including animations, mouse interactions, and games – into PowerPoint by using the Web Preview add-on.

However, I experienced much better interaction performance while in editing mode than in slideshow mode. In addition, adding three slides with three different sketches and then entering presentation mode caused extreme performance lag upon trying to switch to the second slide, swamping my CPU and eventually crashing PowerPoint. Finally, it crashed ugly – the Web Preview plug-in left a floating window covering my desktop not associated with any application even after PowerPoint was closed, and I had to use Activity Manager (macOS) to force close it.

On restart, the deck loaded and the first slide ran fine, but the second froze the presentation. PowerPoint could be closed using key commands, but again the web display window covered the screen, and its orphaned process had to be force-quit.

So, my initial impression is that it is possible with one sketch, but not reliable / performant, so not worth it compared to just switching into a browser. YMMV.

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Interesting to know. Thanks for investigating. I feel like it would be a nice feature but you could just add a link into the presentation and that would serve the purpose.

To add some idea, if there is an option to do without pp presentation, then one option is to use HTML presentation for example using reveal.js template. Then, using p5.js would be natural. I am doing something similar like this at moment.