How can I get version constant in p5.js?

basically what the title says - for debugging purpose I want to get the version as a constant variable. I checked each variable in “this” but didn’t get anything relevant matches /version/i

function setup() {
  createCanvas(400, 400);

function draw() {

By looking at (the js file used by it seems like 1.1.9 is only shown in two URLs, nowhere in the code.

And it’s in the first line of

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thanks aBe, I didn’t expect to see a long thread without it still is not implemented :sweat:

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Congrats @micuat I see you have got it implemented in p5 1.3.1 as VERSION. Working well for me. That’s taken a long time, the p5 team didn’t see it as important.

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thanks :slight_smile: I mean people have different priorities. I hope this helps (maybe few but) some people!