How about the code when the ball is retracted and returned to its original position?

float rot = PI;
float d_rot = 0.05;
float xoff = 0.0;
float xincrement = 0.01;
//float xoff_xincrement = 0.05;

void setup() {
size(800, 800);

void draw() {
translate(width/2, height/2);

rot += d_rot;
rotate( rot );

ellipse(0, 200, 40, 40);

ellipse(0, 200, 40, 40);

ellipse(0, 200, 40, 40);
// With each cycle, increment xoff

// Create an alpha blended background
fill(0, 10);

//float n = random(0,width); // Try this line instead of noise

// Get a noise value based on xoff and scale it according to the window’s width
float n = noise(xoff)*width;

// With each cycle, increment xoff
xoff += xincrement;

// Draw the ellipse at the value produced by perlin noise
ellipse(n,height/2, 64, 64);

// When the mouse is pressed,
void mousePressed(){
// If there is no rotation right now,
if( d_rot == 0 ){
// Start doing rotation.
d_rot = 0.03;
} else { // Or if there was some,
// Stop doing rotation.
d_rot = 0;

You expect us to do that for you?

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When the mouse is pressed, it turns around the circle and retracts at the same time. When the mouse is released, it returns to the original radius.