Hour of code using type-in programs

In this post I’m challenging the common misconception that only block-based languages are appropriate for young coders… and I will present a new method heavily influenced by the golden age of home computers. This method uses text-based coding!

At this point you are probably surprised! How can you introduce young kids to coding using a text-based language? Why not stick with block-based languages?

I acknowledge that block-based languages are wonderful innovations that helps even younger kids grasp the basic concepts of coding… but, as someone said, if kids in the 80’s were able to learn coding using BASIC, then kids from nowadays should also find text-based coding accessible.

I strongly believe that kids should transition to text-based coding with the first occasion. As a matter of fact, as explained above, in many situations I think that block-based languages can be skipped altogether, and kids can be exposed to coding using simple languages such as JavaScript and a nice library such as p5.js.

To support this method, I put together a full brochure with small type-in programs perfect for Hour of code. Obviously they are all based on processing API:


Draw with code

P.S. I posted about these programs here before… but meanwhile I realized they are perfect for Hour of Code… therefore I’m re-mentioning again.