Help with java library (AI for Games)

I found an ai library in java & thought should try it. I’m doing the tutorial, but get an error Idk how to fix.
this is in main

import game2dai.*;
import game2dai.entities.*;
import game2dai.entityshapes.*;
import game2dai.fsm.*;
import game2dai.graph.*;
import game2dai.maths.*;
import game2dai.steering.*;
import game2dai.utils.*;

World world;
StopWatch sw;
Vehicle tank;
Vector2D target = new Vector2D();
BitmapPic view;

public void setup() {
  size(600, 320);
  world = new World(width, height);
  sw = new StopWatch();
  // Create the mover
  tank = new Vehicle(new Vector2D(width/2, height/2), // position
    40,                 // collision radius
    new Vector2D(0, 0), // velocity
    40,                 // maximum speed
    new Vector2D(1, 0), // heading
    15,                 // mass
    1.5f,               // turning rate
    1000                // max force
  // What does this mover look like
//here where I get the error
  view = new BitmapPic(this, "tanks.png", 8, 1, 0);    
  view.showHints(Hints.HINT_COLLISION | Hints.HINT_HEADING | Hints.HINT_VELOCITY);
  // Finally we want to add this to our game domain

public void draw() {
  double elapsedTime = sw.getElapsedTime();
  target.set(mouseX, mouseY);
  float speed = (float) tank.speed();
  float maxSpeed = (float) tank.maxSpeed();    
  if (speed > 1) {
    float newInterval = map(speed, 0, maxSpeed, 0.6, 0.04);
    view.setAnimation(newInterval, 1);
  else {
  background(218, 140, 54);

the error is ps.BitmapPic steering test string int int int does not exist

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This is wrong the constructor is expecting just 2 numbers for the number of columns and rows of sprites are in the image. You have three values 8, 1, 0

Here is the source code for the constructor

	 * An animated image. <br>
	 * The image frames are stored as tiles within a single image
	 * @param papp
	 * @param fname the name of the bitmap image file
	 * @param nCols number of tiles horizontally
	 * @param nRows number of rows vertically
	public BitmapPic(PApplet papp, String fname, int nCols, int nRows){
		img = ImageBank.getImage(papp, fname, nCols, nRows);
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ty, I copied the code straight from the tutorial. Can you tall me how to find the vechile’s current x and y?

If the game object (e.g. vehicle) is called go then you can get the x and y with

float x = (float) go.pos().x;
float y = (float) go.pos().y;

There are loads of web pages dedicated to this library please provide a link to the one where you got the code. Thanks :smile: