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Hello! My teacher asked us to do a simple wind chill calculation and have our code run to the display window along with a string of text. I feel like all of my calculations are correct, however, I could really use some tips with my organization of the code. It looks like a mess right now. Any tips or suggestions would be awesome! Also If anyone knows how to set and image as the background() and center the text that would be great. Thanks :slight_smile:

Simply use background(img); and see the documentation :

If you want to center your text you could say :

text("My text",width/2,height/2);

Next time you should provide your full code (not a screenShot) :wink:

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You place your textAlign(CENTER, CENTER); AFTER your call to text()! :no_mouth:

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After you figure this part and if you are looking for a bonus challenge, I suggest you make your text a rolling banner that goes from right to left, for instance.



Thank you for your help and the tip about where to post the code next :slight_smile: