Help needed on which tutorials and examples I need to look at to create something like this

Can someone please advise me in the direction of which tutorial and examples I need to read in order to produce something like this…

Data \
This should help you get a understanding about analysing strings.
Other commands that might prove to be usefull are:


(The Syntax is not correct)

The most important thing will be to get a 2d array of Strings to save the chapters and lines.
I don’t know how you define cross references but the command

split("insert string here")

might prove crucial to look them up.

If you want I can write a method that looks for a certain string in a certain array of strings and returns a boolean.

In terms of graphics it would be arc(), noFill(), stroke(), strokeWeight().

Looks like the fill colors they use for the arcs have some level of transparency.

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Basically what I am trying to do is create a small mini map of that but all I all want to do is connect the keywords or phrases together only on certain ones that I choose…

For example, if I wanted to quickly see where “four living creatures”, it would show an arc between Ezekiel 1:5 and Revelation 4:6. I am really trying to show the interconnected for certain words for my own bible study.

Another example, is if I wanted to find all the scriptures that I think are related to Salvation, I would like an Arc to be created between the corresponding verses to show how they are connected…

Thanks yes i am interested in a method that you can write, I just need to piece this all together some how, if I can see 1 example done, I can kind of go from there and play around with it.

So you mean create arcs between all chapters that contain a certain group of words?

Yes, bottom line what I am really after might be two different projects, but really the same principal.

1st project:
Create arcs between all verses that contain a certain word or words.

2nd project:
Create arcs between all the concepts, like salvation and love.

The reason for these two projects is lets say someone is teaching something in the bible about “power” and “authority”… there is a lot the bible says about that and a lot of different teachings and interpretations. So what I’d like to do is create something so to mark the words or keywords, or concepts of what I believe my interpretation is on power or authority. This way I can easily look at the map, and look at the arcs.

Ok I now wrote the method

boolean contains(String[] words,String[] lines){
  boolean ret=false;
  String chapter=" ";
  //reassambeling the chapter
  for(int i=0;i<lines.length;i++) chapter+=lines[i];
  chapter+=" ";
  //look for the words
  for(int i=0;i<words.length;i++) if(chapter.split(words[i]).length>1) ret=true;
  return ret;

Again, there is a lot of different english bible translation so for the 1st project, I might have one specifically for each translation that I personally use.

The 2nd project might be just connecting those arcs on a higher level.

Let me see if i can draw a picture somehow of what I mean…

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Basically what I am trying to do is create a small mini map of that but all I all want to do is connect the keywords or phrases together only on certain ones that I choose…

That’s quite a different problem to the example.

Cross-references are 1-1 so it makes sense to join each of the two references with an arc.

A phrase is potentially one-many. What if “four living creatures” appears 5 times? Then you have 5C2 = 10 possible arcs (each phrase joined to every other one).

Regardless, the more significant problem is searching for verses containing your phrase and getting the associated references. I can’t say I’ve done anything similar with Java to help you there.

Would starting with a digital concordance be a better idea? This way you have the references without searching for them. The downside would be that phrases are restricted to those indexed in the concordance.

Thanks for the method you wrote, I’ll take a look at the data processing link you sent, and see if I can get somewhere, and perhaps I’ll just need to figure out where to store the data…maybe a cvs file, and then do an import.

@micycle Thanks for your note, really this project is just to help the person in their own personal bible study of the own interpretations… there is so many teachings out there… a digital concordance… well there is, its a great resource to type in a key word or phrase and see how many times it appears, the problem is when you search for that, you can’t easily see how connected it is within the bible chapters/verses if that makes sense. The other problem is lets say you do a couple of words separately, and find all that you need to find, but say you are putting them together to have a concept to share with someone, this project would allow for someone to see how the concepts are connected together, but more so for your own personal book mark…

If there is a way to keep this all as “one project” and have a search box to query the data to create the arcs, that might be the easier method here…

I would recommend not to use arcs but using a graphic way to actively group them. Because if you say have 12 times a keyword that you look for you suddenly have 479.001.600 arcs.

@NumericPrime Thank you for your comment, I am down with a graphic way other than arcs.

Do we know where the folder is to store the data file? I am going to put a .csv of the bible in there, and see what I can do from there.1