"hello!" is not a function p5.js help

this is my source code i am trying to make an interact system and im stuck i have never done this before so if it is a blatant issue dont be to hard on me i have coded in p5.js before but never done anything like this before, my problem at the bottom it is a function named sayName but the createP is not working it is saying that hello! is not a funtion

var textfield;
var input;
var TextP;
var NameP;
var v;

function setup() {

  textfield = createInput();
  textfield.position(0, 0);

  TextP = createP("say hello!")
  TextP.position(180, -10)

function Hello() {
  if (textfield.value = "hello")
    nameP = createP("hello please type your name")
    nameP.position(0, 50)

    input = createInput()
    input.position(0, 40)

function SayName() {
  createP("hello!" textfield.value())
  NameP.position(0, 70)

hi @ville2008, I see a couple things here that might be giving you trouble.

to get rid of the “hello!” error you’ll probably need a plus sign in between the strings to tell Javascript to add them together (sometimes you might see this called concatenating strings):

createP("hello!" + textfield.value());

I think you’ll also need to change nameP to NameP in your function Hello() to get this to work.

hope this helps!