Having trouble with importing the video library

Hello currently I have downloaded the video library from GitHub and it downloaded a folder. I renamed the folder to just video and put in ~/Documents/Processing/Library. I am not sure if this is where it needs to be. But I am also not sure about how to import this library in code.

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please check your
/ File / Preferences / page
TOP under

sketchbook location:

you should see then
and inthere can find ( by file manager ) your sketches AND the from processing created sub dirs:


so if you there made a new path


why would processing find that?

independent from the import question / that is answered
by just opening one example, there can see at top like:

import processing.video.*;

Capture video; 

but a first start of library installation would be the
Processing IDE Contribution Manager
/Tools / add Tool /

where you find the examples under Libraries ( not Contributed Libraries ?? )

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I think this is because Libraries are available from the Processing Foundation, while Contributed come from individual developers. The examples break these out; they are organized in the same way as the reference page: