Handle (and consume) mouse events in classes

Is there a way to handle (and consume) mouse events within classes, hierarchically, instead of having to call the handlers from, say, the mousePressed() method?
Registering the class methods works for handling the event within the class, but I have not found a way to consume it. Any workarounds or ideas on this?



I’m aware of this method, but how can a class consume an event, so that other classes do not receive it?

To my surprise, Processing doesn’t directly call back input events such as mousePressed(), keyReleased(), etc. :open_mouth:

But only these 2 input events: mouseEvent() & keyEvent(). :drooling_face:

So we can only use those 2 for registerMethod() as input events:

 * RegisterMethod MouseEvent (v1.0)
 * GoToLoop (2020/Feb/10)
 * https://Discourse.Processing.org/t/
 * handle-and-consume-mouse-events-in-classes/17689/4
 * https://GitHub.com/processing/processing/wiki/
 * Library-Basics#when-drawing-or-code-that-manipulates-a-sketch-can-occur

static final int INSTANCES = 3;
final SomeClass[] consumers = new SomeClass[INSTANCES];

void setup() {
  for (int i = 0; i < INSTANCES; consumers[i] = new SomeClass(i++));

public class SomeClass {
  int val;

  SomeClass(final int num) {
    val = num;
    registerMethod("mouseEvent", this);

  void mouseEvent(final MouseEvent evt) {
    if (evt.getAction() == MouseEvent.PRESS)  mousePressed();

  void mousePressed() {
    print(val, TAB);

Check out this wiki link below for more details on how to use those 2 input events: :face_with_monocle:

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