GSOC : Android SDK Updater

Hey Andres,

This is Aditya Gupta from Indore, India. I am looking forward to contribute to Processing Android Mode with the Automatic SDK Downloader Issue #362 . I wish to know some helpful information, if any.

Hopefully I am not late enough.

Hi Aditya, you are still have time to put together your proposal, the sumbission period starts tomorrow but it does end until April 9, according to the GSOC timeline.

Of course, thanks a lot for your interest in Processing for Android. Iā€™d say that the SDK Downloader issue, while important, will not be enough for a whole GSOC project. If you take a look at the project list in the wiki, you will find a potential project under the Processing Android category that would be a more comprehensive maintenance of the Android mode, which would include fixing the issue you mentioned, but also making sure that the emulator and other initial SDK download work as intended.


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