Google posenet dependencies missing!

Hey guys! Just wanted to thank you for setting up p5js, it is an enormous help with rapid prototyping stuff!

So I’ve been using posenet on p5js extensively for a university project in time and motion studies, works like a charm every time.
However, this morning no p5js posenet stuff wants to work, even on the p5 web editor. The reason is that it can’t find the mobile_net weights dependency on the google servers! Please tell me they still exist and this isn’t permanent!

This is the link to the resource it can’t find:

Any help could save me from trouble

Kind Regards,

Dale Sparrow

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I’ve just tried it again after 8 hours, and it seems to be working again. Would there be an explanation to why the tensor-flow weights weren’t available? I know I had internet connection at the time.

Have you had any further trouble since?

Hi Jeremy, I will check as soon as I’m back in the labs Monday, but it worked Friday! Thanks for checking up.

I don’t know if posenet uses Cloudflare but it could be related to their outage on Tuesday. Otherwise it was probably something to do with google servers. An unfortunate side effect of using cloud services is that they can be unreliable.


Yes, it does make the flexibility and plug-and-play nature of the systems we’re developing amazing, but we’re doing things for manufacturing systems and it would be amazing if we could secure data access to things like this by downloading and storing a local copy now and then.

Do you know how we could do this?

I am trying to show the old-people used to CNC programming the benefits of tech and community projects like this, but minimizing downtime of their systems is essential before they can see these benefits.

It sounds like you want to incorporate CDN to local fallback into your project. I haven’t set this up myself, but I believe that you can do it manually, or using jQuery, or using a specialty shim libarary like Here are some links:

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Awesome, thanks for pointing this out!