Glitch FX (Processing Version)

Hey everyone,

I made (and still sort of in the process of) a fun sketch based off of my most popular OpenProcessing sketch (GlitchFX).

It includes some filters from the original to emulate glitch effects, and it’s fairly easy to use:

  • Load your image
  • 'G' to generate randomized effects.
  • 'S' to save

Samples generated from the sketch

Still a work in progress and I’ll very likely add more filters + extra functionality in future revisions!
Find it on Github
Original sketch on Open Processing


i’ve been messing around with your code. i’m getting Array Out Of Bounds Error when it calls JPG Degrade.



I noticed the error too when I ran it a few times but couldn’t originally find where it was located. I actually found that it came from the ‘noisy’ function and not the JPG Degrade (cause the JPG Degrade function doesn’t even use arrays). I may find another way to implement it in the future, but in the mean time, I just bypassed the function which should hopefully eliminate that error. Hope that helps!

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