Getting rid of input boxes later on / "encrypting passwords"

So I am trying to make a facebook imitation for practice. I was able to make the full front page, where you can sign up and log in and everything. My problem right now is that the input boxes do not disappear when you go to then next page or the logged in page. My thought of getting rid of them was to set up “stages” in the setup section where it would draw different stages depending on the actions (ex: sign up page is stage 0, news feed page is stage 1). However, it still seem to draw the input boxes in stage 0. Anyone mind helping with this? Also on a side note, is there any way to “encrypt” the input when typing into the password. Nothing fancy, just hide the input values as black circles as they are typed in or something.

I could post the code, but not sure which sections to post since everything is intertwined, so if you are ok with my current 255 lines of code, feel free to request if that helps you answer the question

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Are you using a library like controlP5 or G4P for the input boxes?

Not exactly sure but this is an example

inputPasswordLogIn = createInput();


Pass 'password' as 2nd argument for p5::createInput(): :see_no_evil:
const pass = createInput('', 'password');