Get() returns one number in RGB mode?

Hello everyone.

I do not understand why get does not return R, G, B values instead of 1 single signed number. I am trying to get the background color and then create a rect() with the same color (fill(R,G,B)) as the background. My code is:

int backgroundColor;
void setup()
  size(displayWidth, displayHeight);
  backgroundColor=get((int)displayWidth/2, (int)displayHeight/2);
void draw()
  rect(displayWidth/2,)displayHeight/2, displayWidth*0.6, )displayHeight*0.6)

Could you please help to get the RGB values correctly??

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The documentation may seem a bit obscure color is not a datatype at all, the processing pre-processor converts color to a signed int. There are convenience methods red(value), green(value), blue(value), that extract those values from the signed int.

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could you set your color values to variable and use the same variables on your RECT as your BACKGROUND?