Get main processing file to have access to other files in other directories

Hey, I would like to know if it is possible to have the main processing file be able to read from other processing files in subfolders?

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Do you want to integrate pde files from different source folders?

No what I would like to know was if it was possible to access the processing files in util from the main processing file DDU.


There is no need to do this (especially since you can’t), a simple workaround is to simply name each file according to how they should be sorted.
For example: catA-abc. catA-xyz, catB-abc, catB-xyz, so on and so forth.

In my understanding this is not possible.
Instead, just move your pde files in the same folder as the main file.

You could rename the files / tabs as utilButton, utilCharacter etc.
so that they are standing together in the tabs of the IDE.

a library

The idea to have utility files that different Sketches use together is neat. This could be done by writing a library.