Genuinely don't know where to go from here (golf game)

Hey y’all I’m tryna make a golf game where when you shoot the ball, the happy face turns into a surprise face and the ball launches from the mouth. I can’t figure out what the heck I’m doing wrong.

boolean launch = true;
   if (keyPressed){
  if (keyCode == 32){
    launch = true;
    if (launch);
     yPos = yPos - ySpeed*2;
  } else{
 xPos = xPos+xSpeed;

This should initially be false I guess.

You don’t show too much of your code but I suggest that you move the code section where you draw something into draw() (or loop()) together with if(launch) {...}.

Only the launch = true; stays in the code where you check the key.

Does it work? Do you know why?

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Y’all can look here for resources (tutorials, examples, references, books, etc.):

And Google search for:


Thank you!

and yeah I realised it’s cause I never actually set the conditions for the boolean properly, so it was just “boolean = true” and nothing else to back it up and tell it how it should be true XD

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yeah that’s what I’ve been using

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