Generative and Interactive Art proposal on Stack Exchange


Hi everyone.

There is a generative and interactive art proposal for stack exchange here:

I imagine many people here are using Stack Overflow and possibly others here - and are familiar with the format.

If you’re not familiar with the network of sites - it’s a community moderated Q&A forum - designed for giving specific answers to specific questions. (ie. as opposed to subjective opinions or community banter).

It has a gamified system for getting moderation priviledges, and has the ability to embed code into posts etc.

In order to get a site, the proposal first needs to get through the proposal stage, and then commitment. Proposals are routinely culled if they don’t look like they’re going anywhere. I think basically you have four months to get enough of a community demonstrating they’re keen.

So if you think this is a great idea or want to contribute:

  • follow the link
  • Create an account
  • Ask some example questions
  • Use your five upvotes to upvote five questions to 10 points. (Don’t waste your votes on questions that already have 10 points).


Great idea!
What do you think could be a good kind of question for the stack?
About the Aesthetics? History?
Computer Science knowledge?
Or just algorithms mainly used for generative graphics?
Because I feel the latter can be a little bit ambiguous.



Hey- thanks for the question.

Basically the proposal process is exactly for answering that question - ‘what kinds of questions are on topic here?’.

I think certainly there’s always a bit of overlap with other Stack Exchange sites - and that’s not especially a problem. I think you find that with Stack Overflow for example - on of the problems it faces, is that there is so much content there - that it’s hard to get an answer to your question - because your question gets lost in the noise.

But specifically -

I think asthetics are on topic. What is that makes one random image look better than others.

I guess history questions are on topic - so long as they are objective.

And then of course specific questions about generative frameworks or librarys etc.

But also - questions around UX, hardware, etc.