Game Control Plus Configurator shows no connections after creating a file, then reopening the configurator

When I open the Game Control Plus configurator file and select my processing.pde sketch and game controller, the configurator shows no connections made, such as using Button 2 to turn on an LED that I made earlier. I saved the data file and it shows the connections when I open it using a text editor. How do I get back all my connections when I open my sketch? I have the data file saved in the same folder as my Processing sketch. The configurator when opened, shows not only no connections, but the place to put the file name is blank. Everything is blank, like one would expect on a new build.
Thank You

Two things to get you started

  1. Go to my website and read the info and watch the movies provided for this library.
  2. Try the examples that come with the library and see if they work.

BTW The configurator cannot be used to edit existing configuration files