G4P GUI Builder 4.4 Tool

I’ve placed some Labels. One of them enables me to set the option as BOLT or ITALIC. In the rest no.


The option to set the font style for individual labels was removed in GUI Builder 4.4

Instead you can set the global font & font style for all labels. Click on “SKETCH” and change the “FONT: Display”


OK I just tried this and discovered a bug that prevents the global font and style being set. I have corrected the bug and have uploaded a new release, V4.4.1 which Processing should make available in the Contributions Manager in 1-2 days.

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If I want to have different fonts in some labels I can enter the code for each label I want to modify. However it would be interesting to have the copy / paste feature, it would be very useful to me because I use labels to represent arithmetic variables that usually have similar names, display and dimension options. It’s just a note of mine. Thank you

You can no longer do this in GUI Builder but you can modify an individual label in customGUI() like this …

// Use this method to add additional statements
// to customise the GUI controls
public void customGUI(){