Full Screen with Hidings sliders


I would like to use the function full screen fullscreen();
Using sliders, checkboxs, inputs and buttons that will disappear when we are in a full screen mode.

So basically I can work with sliders and then go full screen so only the canvas is visible

Any suggestions please

Thank you

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you can make a variable

it is boolean named showSliders

initially it is true. Define it before setup().

Evaluate it in draw()

if(showSliders) {
    show sliders (screen A)
    show the other screen  (screen B)

(in draw() nothing is allowed outside this if-clause, because either we are on one screen or the other)

How to change the variable

make a button on the slider screen “show” and when it’s clicked say showSliders=false;

in B for example when a key is pressed say showSliders=true;

I think that you can get sliders to function even if they are beneath the lower edge of the canvas. Saw this after I made a mistake one time. I don’t know how this lower than the canvas manipulation will react when you engage full screen, but it be a path for you.