Forum-like site creation


I’m new to all the coding stuff so the question might be way too general.
I want to code a website where people will be writing posts under specific threads, which will be saved so that other users can read them in the future. Like a forum. Is it possible to do this with p5?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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You can do these in p5. But p5 is more targetted towards creating interactive graphics. Try react, vue or svelte.

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Or try

It is the software that this forum uses



I will try those.

The thing is, I have to use p5 because it is a school project.
Do you have any idea if I could do this with p5?

Yes you can. He already stated it.

Yes, I should be more specific.
Is there a coding reference at or something simillar?
(Sorry if I am getting tiring)

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If you are completely new to coding, I suggest you follow tutorials on the coding train. This is for the beginners

and this one is more focused on HTML which can be building blocks for creating a forum

I don’t want to discourage you but making a forum would be a huge project! It’s actually not just p5.js but you need to learn node.js to save data on the server… you need to integrate different libraries to make a “basic” forum. But if it’s a school assignment, there should be a solution. Try to talk to the lecturer to see what they are asking for specifically, and find a realistic goal - good luck with the project :slight_smile:


Τhank you!
I have seen some of the tutorials in the coding train.
I guess I’ll find a way to make it work :slight_smile: