Fonts from Adobe Creative Cloud are not useable

I work with Windows 11, and I try to use a font, which I took from the Adobe Creative Cloud. I can use it in Powerpoint, Word, etc. Also, when I use the PFont.list() function the font appears properly. But when I run my sketch after having used the createFont() function, a standard font is used, not the one I selected.

Any idea what is wrong?


In the processing reference:

“A default font will be used unless a font is set with the textFont() function and…”


A downside to Adobe Creative Cloud is that they’re protecting their fonts from external use. The moment you log out of your CC, I believe you can’t use the Adobe fonts anymore. The fonts aren’t saved as .otf files on your computer, but as some encrypted file which I believe is unlocked via an algorithm via CC.

Did you try your sketch while logged in to your CC?

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