Font and shapes look pixelated

Hey, my sketch is looking pretty awfull. Fonts look really bad, really pixelated. I would like the project to look smooth. When I try to use background(255) on the beggining of void draw, font shows as I wish but unfortunately ends up overlaping most of the project. Anyone knows a solution for this? Thanks

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Remember that the draw method renders a single frame and is executed about 60 times a second.
Without background() the text is rendered on top of the previous text repeatably making it pixelated.

So if you don’t want pixelated text you either use background() or use rect() to erase the text before hand.

The advantage of avoiding background is that you can build up your display over many frames but most people use background and create the whole display every frame.


I tried rect but text still looks really bad.
EDIT: I mean, when I use rect before the text with fill 255, it overlaps the text
EDIT2: Just solved it. Completely forgot to add fill to text. Thank you very much