Flow fields doodad from Tyler Hobbs' tutorial

tutorial here: Flow Fields — Tyler Hobbs
code here: GitHub - squuig/flow-fields: messy implementation of a flow field using Tyler Hobbs' tutorial (https://tylerxhobbs.com/essays/2020/flow-fields). no best practices were learned in the making of this sketch
all variables in THIS_FORMAT can be changed to get different outputs without breaking the code (not that they never will, for instance if RESOLUTION does not divide evenly into width itll fart out. quick fix but i didnt notice til after i was done with the code). some of the other variables and values can too. the output can also be changed by actually changing the code in some spots but im not liable for any damages. this was not written with readability in mind, sorry.

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yeah that’s me. obviously not necessarily trying to keep it secret but i tend to avoid directly linking to my accounts on other websites explicitly.