Find borders between books in image

Hey there,

I want to realize the following with Processing or

  1. Load picture of my bookshelf into the processing application.
  2. The application should find borders between each two books.
  3. Then each book should become an object in a dictionary/array.
  4. In addition, the height and main colour of the object should be saved in the dict/array.
  5. At the end, the application should sort the objects (books) by colour our height.

Im not sure about whether something like this is possible to realize with Processing.
Because I have some more knowledge with Python than with Java, It would be great for me to make that project using
Which Library would be good and do you have any link or tutorial for that kind of image editing?

Thanks for your time,
Best wishes,
TimeMen (Jakob).


You can find most of the libraries here:
You can find some interesting ones in the Video & Vision section.

For example, the Image processing algorithms is implementing a version of the Canny's algorithm that is useful to find point of interest in an image.

You can also try to do it without using any library, it possible :slight_smile:

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Hey jb4x,
Thanks for your quick reply.
Without any library would be impossible for me and there’s not enough time to become a pro, because of my job…
But I’m going to look for the libraries and website you mention in your reply.
Hopely I get enough information for my project.


Can you do a image?

Is it one shelf or several above each other?

It’s a bookshelf where around 20 books standing side by side.

Wouldn’t it be quicker to highlight the book spot by hand?

If it would be done by the application it would be the perfect solution, but marking it manually could also be a solution worth to realize.
Let’s see how I can code this ^^