Files in data folder not found by IDE

I currently have three files in my data folder inside the sketch’s own folder.
One file, test.db, a file I use with BezierSQL, shows “true” when I run System.out.println(new“test.db”).exists());
With the same script, in the same sketch, I try to do the same with a “.png” file and a “.txt” file, and both come out as false.
I started doing this because a JLabel object with setIcon was not working.

I checked the extensions under Windows 11 (I have the “show file extensions” option checked), I renamed files, changed them, restarted the Processing IDE and rebooted the PC, created a new sketch and so on.
Only the .db file is found. Can someone tell me where am I wrong?

Use sketchFile() or dataFile() to obtain a File object pointing to sketch’s folder.
Use sketchPath() or dataPath() to obtain sketch’s folder path as a String.


I used dataPath() to find out the path I needed and it was the right one.
I’ll try to see if with dataFile() I’ll be able to retrieve either the .png or the .txt file

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Thanks, I’ll definetly compare my code with your example, and I’ll gather all the images I need for the project I’m working on.
Hope things get sorted out, because I was really scratching my head today :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know if things worked out!